2022 Applications Now Open!

We hire staff for many different positions each summer. Salary is commensurate with position, experience, and skills and includes room and board. We also offer certification courses such as First Aid, CPR, and Lifeguarding. Camp Olson Staff members are selected because they care. They know how to be responsible while having fun. We encourage you to begin applying for summer positions by October before the summer you hope to work.

If you have any questions about working for Camp Olson YMCA or the application process, feel free to contact our Camp Director by email (demi@campolson.org) or message via WhatsApp.

Camp Olson YMCA salaries are based on responsibility, experience, and certifications. The charts below are used to determine weekly salaries for staff and your weekly pay may change throughout the summer, depending on your position. For example a 3rd year counselor who works the whole summer could make $330/wk = $270 (Base Rate) + $40 (Returner x2) + $20 (6+ Weeks). The primary Camp Olson season is 8 weeks of Youth Camp, and 2 weeks of Family Camp. Staff Training occurs prior to the primary season and is mandatory.

Counseling & Programming Base Pay

PositionACCounselor/Program StaffLevel 1
Program Director
Level 2
Program Director
Level 1
Program Director
LeadershipSenior Leadership
Base Rate$230/wk$270/wk$280/wk$315/wk$325/wk$350/wk$400/wk
RolesAssistant CounselorCounselor, LDP Leader, Boathouse Staff, Corral Staff, Outpost Staff, Wilderness Skills Instructor, Target Sports Asst.Bikes Director, Boathouse Asst., Corral Asst., Media Specialist, Target Sports Director, Waterfront Asst., Nature Director, Fishing Director, Craftshop DirectorBoatshouse Director, Waterfront Director, Outbound Trips DirectorCorral DirectorSOS CoordinatorCounselor Coordinator, Program Director, LDP Coordinator
Eligible BonusesLifeguard, CPR/FA/WFA, Staff ReferralLDP Leader, Lifeguard, CPR/FA/WFA, Equity Mentor, 21+, Returner, 6+ Weeks, Staff ReferralLifeguard, CPR/FA, Equity Mentor, 21+, Returner, 6+ Weeks, Staff ReferralLifeguard, CPR/FA, Equity Mentor, 21+, Returner, 6+ Weeks, Staff ReferralLifeguard, CPR/FA, Equity Mentor, 21+, Returner, 6+ Weeks, Staff ReferralLifeguard, CPR/FA, Equity Mentor, 21+, Returner, 6+ Weeks, Staff ReferralLifeguard, CPR/FA, 21+, Returner, 6+ Weeks, Staff Referral

Support Staff Base Pay

PositionMaintenanceFood Service
Base Rate$290/wk$325/wk$320/wk$375/wk$450/wk$10-15k/season
RolesMaintenance AssistantLead Maintenance AssistantFood Service AssistantFood Service Shift LeadAssistant Food Service ManagerFood Service Director
Eligible BonusesReturner, 6+ Weeks, DEI Mentor, Staff ReferralReturner, 6+ Weeks, DEI Mentor, Staff ReferralReturner, 6+ Weeks, DEI Mentor, Staff ReferralReturner, 6+ Weeks, DEI Mentor, Staff ReferralReturner, Staff ReferralN/A


Returner$20/wk/per years workedStaff who are returning to the same position (held for at least 4 weeks the summer prior), or for a new hire that had an equivalent position in another setting, is eligible. For example, a 3rd year Counselor would receive a $40/week bonus
CPR/First Aid$10/wk
Wilderness First Aid$10/wkOnly applicable for the weeks you lead a trip
Note: If Camp Olson YMCA provides or pays for job-related training, staff doesn’t receive equivalent certification bonus.
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Mentor$20/wkMentor Positions may include: Disability Leader, Race/Ethnicity Leader, Gender/Sexual Orientation Leader, Male First Year Leader, and Female First Year Leader. DEI Mentors are expected to work majority of the summer and will be paid out at the end of summer.
LDP LeaderLITI – $15/week, LITII – $20/week, LITIII $25/week, CIT -$30/weekLDP Leaders will receive the follow bonus for their weeks as leaders. This could be in addition to the Returner bonus. For example, an LITI Leader who is a 2nd year counselor would receive $280 and CIT leader who is a 3rd year counselor would receive $340
21+$10/wkIf you turn 21 during the summer, this bonus will be added at the time you turn 21.
6+ Weeks$20/wkStaff who work 6 or more weeks during the primary camp season and completes their contract will receive a bonus of $20 per week worked. Does not include staff training and is paid out at end of summer.
Staff Referral$100/per referral @ end of summerStaff Referral must successfully complete their contract of at least 6 weeks. Referral bonus will be paid out at end of summer.
BIPOC Staff Referral$50/per referralStaff who refer a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color) Candidate and that candidate completes the application/interview process and is offered a job, the referring staff AND the BIPOC Candidate will receive a $50 bonus (regardless of whether or not BIPOC candidate accepts).
BIPOC Candidates who accept the job and fulfill their contract will receive an additional $100 bonus paid out at the end of summer.

*unless otherwise noted, all positions are seasonal

If a position is filled we encourage you to apply as we do experience staffing changes.

Staff Positions

Senior LeadershipStarting at $400/wk
Program DirectorFilled
Counselor CoordinatorFilled
Leadership Development Program CoordinatorFilled
LeadershipStarting at $350/wk
Stayover & Support Coordinator (SOS/Nursing Assistant -Requires weekends)Filled
Counseling StaffStarting at $270/wk
Assistant Counselor (17 year olds)Female – Filled
Male – OPEN
CounselorFemale – Filled
Male – OPEN
Leadership Development Program Leader (LIT or CIT)Filled
Riding CounselorFilled
Sailing CounselorFilled
Program StaffStarting at $270/wk
Overnight DirectorFilled
Wilderness Skills InstructorFilled
Corral StaffFilled
Boathouse StaffFilled
Target Sports AssistantFilled
Program Directors
Level 1Starting at $280/wk
Mountain Bikes DirectorOpen
Boathouse AssistantFilled
Corral AssistantFilled
Target Sports DirectorOpen
Waterfront AssistantFilled
Nature DirectorFilled
Fishing DirectorFilled
Craftshop DirectorFilled
Media Specialist/Administrative AssistantFilled
Level 2Starting at $315/wk
Boathouse DirectorFilled
Waterfront DirectorFilled
Outbound Trips DirectorFilled
Level 3Starting at $325/wk
Corral DirectorFilled
Support StaffStarting at $290-475/wk
Full-Time Facilities Director
Lead Maintenance AssistantFilled
Maintenance AssistantFilled
Food Service AssistantFilled
Food Service Shift LeadOpen
Assistant Food Service ManagerFilled
Food Service DirectorFilled
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion MentorOpen

Internships are also available. Contact demi@campolson.org for more info.