COVID-19 Info

Camp Olson YMCA & COVID-19 Summer 2023

In our commitment to the health and protection of our families and staff, we will continue to monitor guidance from the CDC and other state health agencies. We recognize that recommendations and guidelines will change and commit to updating our programming and protocols accordingly. Our “Keeping our Camp Community Health this Summer” document is dynamic and will be updated on an ongoing basis. This document is NOT our final operations manual for 2023. Instead, it is a snapshot of our thinking if we were to open camp next week, based on what we know and what best practices tell us today

Cleaning, Sanitization, & Handwashing Procedures

We will maintain our enhanced cleaning and sanitization procedures throughout camp. Campers and staff will be frequently reminded and encouraged to wash/sanitize their hands regularly and thoroughly throughout the day. Bathrooms and shared spaces will be cleaned and sanitized on a regular and thorough basis. Camp buildings and vehicles will be equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers and disinfectant spray to clean shared surfaces.

COVID-19 Vaccination, Testing & Masking Policy

  • Campers and staff are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to be fully vaccinated if eligible.
  • Campers and staff, regardless of vaccination status, are REQUIRED to attest to having a negative COVID-19 test completed within 72 hours of their arrival at camp.
  • Campers and staff who receive a positive COVID-19 test or have known exposure with symptoms of COVID-19 within 10 days of arrival, please contact us immediately.
  • Campers and staff that display COVID-19 symptoms will receive a COVID-19 test onsite by Camp Olson Healthcare staff (if tests are available). See below for procedures for positive tests while at camp.
  • Masks are not currently required as transmission rates are low risk, though all individuals are welcome to wear masks if they choose to. Masking policies are subject to change based on current community transmission rates in Minnesota or within Camp.
  • For the protection of our staff, staff who are unvaccinated are asked to disclose this to Camp Olson YMCA and may be subject to more frequent testing, and/or their employment could be shortened, terminated, or position adjusted as needed if we are experiencing increased COVID-19 transmission.
  • The camper will be isolated from the community and given temporary care by our healthcare staff. The camper’s parent or guardian will be contacted.
  • Parents are expected to arrange to pick up the camper within 12-24 hours.
  • Staff or multi-week international campers: If available, the staff or international camper will be asked to isolate off-site. If that is not possible, camp will accommodate the staff or camper to isolate onsite.
  • Confirmed cases will be unable to return to the camp community for five days after symptom onset and 24 hours fever-free without using fever-reducing medication. Based on current CDC guidelines, confirmed cases will be required to wear a mask for 5 days after their 5 days of isolation.
  • If a camper tests positive for COVID-19 while at camp, parents and guardians of cabinmates will be notified.
  • Cabinmates of a camper who tests positive will be monitored for symptoms of COVID-19. They will only be tested if symptoms of COVID-19 are present and if tests are available.
  • Parents and guardians are welcome to send additional tests with their camper if they wish for them to be tested on a more regular basis.