Art Center Capital Campaign

We are pleased to announce the public phase of the “Arts at Camp” campaign, a plan to intentionally increase programming around all aspects of the arts. Over the past three years, you have heard discussions about replacing the 70-year-old craft shop at camp. The Board of Directors began working on this campaign before the pandemic, and for obvious reasons, the project was placed on hold over the past two years. It is time to make this project a reality for our 70th summer in 2024 and, with your support, groundbreaking will occur in September 2023.

The new Arts Center at YMCA Camp Olson will serve as a creative catalyst in the camp for many years to come. It will honor the tradition of the existing craft shop by occupying the same site, in the heart of main camp, but it will establish a new connection between creativity and Camp Olson’s natural context. The Arts Center’s design will be inspired by its creative purpose and driven by optimized flexibility for various activities. Modern building amenities in its main craft room, breakout spaces, covered outdoor area, trading post, outdoor stage, restrooms, and storage spaces will make it a flexible asset for our future.

TOGETHER over the past 20 years, we have revitalized most of Camp Olson, which provides rich growth experiences, independence, and shared respect for the environment for the next generation. We have preserved over 700 pristine acres of forested beauty, lakeshore, and wetlands for our children and grandchildren to play, swim, hike, and enjoy nature. NOW is the time to prioritize the importance of the Arts in camp.

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